Where can I buy a Fitfit Electric Standing Desk?
If you are based in Singapore, you can get a unit from Lazada Singapore here: https://www.lazada.sg/products/fitfit-health-electric-standing-desk-electric-usb-charging-large-hold-up-to-17kg-dual-colored-platforms-keyboard-tray-patent-pending-i451278325-s1205730508.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistcategory.list.45.474426eamuSv6q&search=1 If you are based overseas, please contact our sales at info at fitfithealth.com
How long does it take to ship?
Orders on Lazada Singapore usually takes 3-5 working days to ship. For international customers, please contact our sales at info at fitfitheath.com for more details on shipping time.
How do I assemble my Fitfit Desk?
Every Fitfit Desk comes with a guide that will help you to assemble it step by step. In our design of the Fitfit Desk, we have also made sure that it requires the most minimal amount of installation and assembly. Just affix the desk platform and keyboard tray onto the metal frame according to the assembly instructions, plug in the power and you are good to go!
What is the height range?
The Fitfit sits on top of your existing desk and its height range is from 13cm to 43cm.
How big a space does the Fitfit take up? Do I need a big table to put the Fitfit Desk on?
The Fitfit’s footprint is 57cm long by 48cm wide. You do not need a big table, just one that is 57cm by 48cm.
How heavy is the Fitfit? Can it be shipped by post?
The Fitfit weighs 20.5Kg including the packaging. The reason it’s this heavy is that it needs to be sturdy and withstand a considerable amount of weight, so that you can reliably place your computer and other things on it. It is shipped by Third Party Logistics Providers who can handle bulky goods. In Singapore, the shipping is free of cost.
How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
We offer a 1 year warranty for the Fitfit Desk. This includes the mechanical and electronic components of the desk. Physical wear and tear on the table top are not covered.
What is the Fitfit Desk made of?
The Fitfit’s metal frame is made of steel. The desk platform and the keyboard tray are made of Oriented Strand Board (OSB). OSBs are made from pine wood and are lightweight and easy to handle yet resistant to warping and distortion.
Fitfit specifications?
Weight including packaging: 20.5Kg Weight excluding packaging: 15.7Kg Size of desktop: 80cm long by 60cm wide Size of metal frame: 57cm long by 48cm wide Min height: 13cm Max height: 43cm Size of keyboard tray: 72cm long by 20cm wide Max load of desk: 17Kg