World's first dual colored electric standing desk

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Dual-colored platform | Electric powered | Detachable keyboard tray | USB charging

World's first electric height adjustable standing desk with flippable platform,
easily removable keyboard tray and USB charging.
You get the experience of 2 desks - for the price of one!

World's first dual-colored electric standing desk

Flippable dual platform electric standing desk
Flippable Platform
Electric powered electric standing desk
Easily removable keyboard tray electric standing desk
Removable Keyboard Tray
USB charging electric standing desk
Weight proof electric standing desk
Patent pending

Flippable. Electric. USB charging.

Introducing the world's first flippable platform electric standing desk.

Weighing only 15.7Kg or 34.6 pounds, it can hold up to 17Kg or 37.4 pounds, making it one of the most sturdy electric standing desks for its weight on the market.


We have committed countless hours to designing the perfect electric standing desk. The Fitfit keeps your posture right and your mood happy while you work in style.

We’re built to move.

We spend 20% of every year sitting and working in front of our desktops, not to mention the amount of time we spend sitting in commute, watching TV, eating meals, playing games or reading books. Sitting for too long increases your risk of chronic health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and mental health. Furthermore, research has found that sitting all day is bad for you EVEN IF you exercise every single day! 


Electric standing desks, also known as sit-stand desks, can help you to easily switch between standing and sitting with the touch of a button.

Fitfit electric standing desk features

Whether you are working on a desktop, laptop, reading, writing or using your phone, our patent-pending electric standing desk has been designed with all your needs in mind. 


Sturdy steel base and steel frame - weight tested over 10000 times.


USB charging port - charge your phone right on your desk.


Electric powered - move up or down with the touch of a button.


Removable keyboard tray - keyboard tray is easily removed.


Flippable dual-colored desk platform - flip for a new desk platform.

Fitfit health work happy electric standing desk dual platform

Enjoy 2 desks for the price of one.

Tired of black colour for today? Simply flip to the other side. Why waste money to buy additional desks when you can have it all in one desk?

Prolonged sitting is bad for your posture. It is associated with lower back ache, slouching, and misalignments such as anterior pelvic tilt. It has also shown to negatively affect your mood.


An electric standing desk helps to prevent that.

Fitfit Health work happy electric standing desk with 2 25" monitors

The Fitfit Electric Standing Desk can fit up to TWO 25" monitors.

The Fitfit has been designed with every care - no effort was spared in research, development, and testing.


My standing desk is great. I don't feel all bunched up like a cushion that has been sat on for too long. Ergonomics are easy. No micro-adjusting a chair.


Sitting all day long makes me sluggish, ruins my muscle tone and negatively affects my metabolism. A standing desk eliminates these problems, completely. I speak from 45 year sof experience. I'm 62.


Standing to work after a heavy lunch definitely keeps me awake and increases my efficiency! I will recommend this to anyone who tend to be in a food coma after lunch.

Debby N

I get to be much more active when standing to work. I think it's much easier to move arround and stretch much when standing compared to sitting! Thanks to helping me to burn calories while getting my work done!

Erwin A

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Fitfit health work happy electric standing desk Specifications
Easily adjustable electric standing desk

Sturdy and well-built

Built using the most top quality and reliable materials we can find. The world's most sturdy electric standing desk for its weight.

USB charging port

USB charging port

Charge your mobile phones conveniently from the USB charging port.

Sturdy yet easily removable keyboard tray

Removable keyboard tray

The keyboard tray is sturdy, taking up to 2Kg in weight tests. It's easily removed when needed.


Flippable platform

When you choose us, not only do you choose good posture and prevent back pain, you also choose to spruce things up by having 2 table colours that you can switch between, anytime you please, with a simple flip.